At Royo we make everything fit, bringing our clients the satisfaction of knowing that they have made the right choice. This is our value and we achieve it thanks to our team, that make everything flow. We design products based on trends and with creative solutions, we select materials with high quality standards, we manufacture with the latest technology processes and, all of this, with fast and flexible delivery times. #SpecialistInBathroomFurniture

Quality, design, innovation, sustainability, and service encourage the balance of all Royo Collections. 

One of the values of our brand is the high-quality standards we run throughout the entire journey of the product. Since 2010, the company has implemented the Lean Manufacturing system in all integrated and certified quality processes. After 50 years of experience, we have become the Nº1 manufacturer in Europe. 

We have an in-house design team whose passion for their work makes them to constantly search for new materials and finishes. Their goal is to create new furniture proposals that breathe the latest trends under the parameters of sustainability and functionality to create unique spaces. 

Innovation, a path between inspiration and creativity. Innovation is undoubtedly another of the constants that have always marked Royo’s path; proof of this are the numerous industrial patents we have in royo and the “best sellers” in different market segments. Our spirit and customer orientation allow us to work on a continuous improvement, adapting to all changes that the market brings us and to become more efficient and innovative. 

For Royo brand, the word sustainability is already part of our DNA. Proof of this is the Directory Plan that has been implemented to achieve our improvement objectives. We are brand committed to three fundamental pillars: Environment, Social and Governance. FSC certificates and social programs to strengthen the company’s driving force, te people. Our vision is to leave a better world for future generations. 

We have a specialized customer service in all markets that provides fast and effective solutions. Our value proposition is to offer immediate delivery times in our compact collections, thanks to our continuous stock management. 

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