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We celebrate 50 years

50 years smelling of wood. 50 years forging a team. 50 years making furniture. 50 years setting new design trends. 50 years innovating. 50 years evolving sustainably. 50 years growing with you. 50 years sharing stories. 50 years inspiring homes. 50 years being Royo.

50 years have gone by since we started sharing our dreams and projects with you, and we want to continue celebrating many more moments together. We will never lose our enthusiasm and desire to amaze you and win you over with our collections. We are happy to be able to toast the consolidation of a dream come true after so many years. Thank you for being part of Royo’s 50 years of history.

+ 50

years of history

+ 980


+ 100


+ 15.000

points of sale

Our history

The essence of the Royo brand

Innovation, a path

between inspiration and creativity

We cannot, and will not, stay put. We are passionate about what we do, and that is why every year we strive to surpass ourselves in designing new innovative, avant-garde and inspiring products.

Proof of this are the numerous industrial patents we have at Royo, as well as our best seller products in different market segments.

We want to be your inspiration to create personal havens through our bathroom furniture developed with the latest technologies and designs.

Continuous improvement,

a matter of adaptation

We have adapted to all the changes that have arised, in order to meet the challenge of becoming bigger, more efficient, more profitable and innovative, without losing sight of our essence.

We are pioneers in our sector in the implementation of “Lean Manufacturing” and we continue to work on continuous improvement, thus contributing to the efficiency and quality of our Royo products.

Sustainability, our legacy

for future generations

The Royo brand is committed to the respect and protection of Human Rights and the environment throughout the value chain. 

As a result of this philosophy, Royo is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and follows its Sustainability Plan.

The people, the talent of Royo

In a constantly changing environment, talent constitutes one of our main assets, which we carefully nurture within our team in order to achieve a relationship that generates a climate of well-being and commitment.

At Royo, team spirit is deeply rooted in our philosophy. The whole organisation is geared towards promoting the coordination of our workers, sharing knowledge, experience and effort, through the support and collaboration that exists between colleagues.

A relationship that goes beyond the workplace. It is a journey that we undertake together, aligning expectations, in order to evolve together.